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The TapeBuddy® drywall taping tool is a one step drywall tape and joint compound application tool that makes taping drywall SUPER Easy! The TapeBuddy tool is lightweight, easy to assemble and applies an even amount of joint compound directly to the joint tape. It even applies more compound to the tape center where more compound is needed. Load with standard joint paper or Fibafuse® tape and joint compound, pull out the coated tape, cut, apply to the seam and embed. There is no need to pre-mud drywall joints or carry around heavy tools. Taping walls, corners and ceilings is fast with no mess. TapeBuddy is a great DIY tool that gives professional results! TapeBuddy is the perfect tool for any drywall taping project.

Take some time to read testimonies of people just like you looking for the solution to a difficult task. Read how a TapeBuddy tool helped them with their drywall taping project and business.

Your TapeBuddy tool will include easy-to-understand “How To” information on taping drywall and “How To” use our product to its peak efficiency. Step-by-step videos can be viewed on our website. Also available is a “How To Tape” manual.

Order your new and innovative TapeBuddy® drywall taping tool from Buddy Tools LLC. Then let your friends and local retail hardware store know how TapeBuddy helped you with your project. Everyone can easily achieve a professional taping finish on a DIY budget. And TapeBuddy tools are made in the USA! Check out these features and benefits!

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Latest News

June to August 2014

We spent the summer at the Word of Life Youth Ranch working with kids, staff and buildings. I also taught a drywall finishing seminar at the Word of Life Family Camp Ground. It was an amazing summer! In August the first pallet of Scoop-N-Scrape bucket tools headed to Canada so watch for them in your local store soon.

May 2014

New Scoop-N-Scrape bucket tool introduced a the 2014 National Hardware Show. Interest is growing to see TapeBuddy tools sold in the world market.

April 2014

First pallet of TapeBuddy tools arrive in Dubai. Second pallet order leaving for Canada this week. Tools introduced to USG in Peru.

March 2014

Cleveland Home Remodeling Show opens the eyes of more people on taping drywall. One contractor has his drywall crew using Bazookas. He purchased a TapeBuddy tool to do a project in his own house. Same process and results as the expensive equipment and so much easier to use.

February 2014

True Value Spring Reunion buying market success! Dealers across the USA can now purchase tools for their store direct from their 12 warehouses.

TapeBuddy tools are now available to order from all three Home Hardware warehouses across Canada.

January 2014

TapeBuddy tools were seen by 30,000 visitors at the Indiana Home & Garden Show. The drywall taping demo impressed everyone as they saw how easy this tool works.

December 2013

TapeBuddy tools arrive in Canada for distribution by Home Hardware to their retailers.

Wallace Hardware buying market well attended by dealers and TapeBuddy was there to meet them.

November 2013

TapeBuddy tools will be the Hartville Hardware Tool Expo in Hartville OH Nov 23 & 23 with a live demo booth. 

TapeBuddy orders have arrived from Canada and soon tools will be in the Home Hardware warehouse.

September 2013

Tools are reviewed by Mega Kiwi Hardware in Quito Ecuador

August 2013

Handyman Club members via StuffStuff.com now give TapeBuddy tools a 99% approval rating.

August 2013

TapeBuddy Tools are now sold through the Florida Hardware warehouse. TapeBuddy tools amazed the hardware members and now appear in many stores in FL. Tools shipped to Belize, Bahamas, and other islands in the Caribbean.

June-Aug 2013

Drywall finishing seminar taught at Word of Life Family Campground. Guests were amazed at how easy taping drywall can be. Some had never taped drywall before and now knew they could tackle their home drywall project with confidence. Pro remodelers were thankful for the seminar and this new tool.


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