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“There is no way I could do this without TapeBuddy.”
“I highly recommend TapeBuddy to amateurs and professionals alike.”

The TapeBuddy® drywall taping tool is a one step drywall tape and joint compound application tool that makes taping drywall SUPER Easy! The TapeBuddy tool is lightweight, easy to assemble and applies an even amount of joint compound directly to the joint tape. It even applies more compound to the tape center where more compound is needed. Load with standard joint paper or Fibafuse® tape and joint compound, pull out the coated tape, cut, apply to the seam and embed. There is no need to pre-mud drywall joints or carry around heavy tools. Taping walls, corners and ceilings is fast with no mess. TapeBuddy is a great DIY tool that gives professional results! TapeBuddy is the perfect tool for any drywall taping project.

Take some time to read testimonies of people just like you looking for the solution to a difficult task. Read how a TapeBuddy tool helped them with their drywall taping project and business.

Your TapeBuddy tool will include easy-to-understand “How To” information on taping drywall and “How To” use our product to its peak efficiency. Step-by-step videos can be viewed on our website. Also available is a “How To Tape” manual.

Order your new and innovative TapeBuddy® drywall taping tool from Buddy Tools LLC. Then let your friends and local retail hardware store know how TapeBuddy helped you with your project. Everyone can easily achieve a professional taping finish on a DIY budget. And TapeBuddy tools are made in the USA! Check out these features and benefits!

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  • One step drywall tape and joint compound application
  • Choice of two controlled compound thicknesses
  • Smooth even coat of compound applied to tape
  • Used industry standard paper or FibaFuse® tape.
  • Applies more compound to the tape center
  • Made of HDPE heavy duty plastic that will never rust
  • Made to sit on a 5 gallon bucket

Made in USA! Benefits:

  • Less wasted compound with less mess
  • Can be used by more than one person
  • Ceilings and corners are easy to tape
  • Less frustration with more productivity
  • Virtually no blisters or bubbles in the finished product
  • Makes the project look good
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Cleans easily with water and brush
  • The Perfect DIY Drywall Taping Tool for anyone

Tool instruction and drywall taping videos:

  • Detailed printed instructions on easily taping drywall are included with every tool
  • Video instructions on tool use found on the TapeBuddy.net website and YouTube Helps achieve a Professional look on a DIY budget!



February 2015

New Scoop-N-Scrape bucket tool used in test market with Sherwin-Williams starting in March. 72 select markets across the USA will stock this amazing tool. Could be in a store close to you.

Jan 2015

TapeBuddy tools will be demoed at the New Orleans LA home remodeling show www.NOLAHomeShow.com JANUARY 16-18 at NEW ORLEANS MORIAL CONVENTION CENTER. If you are in the area do stop by the TapeBuddy demo booth 1133

June to August 2014

We spent the summer at the Word of Life Youth Ranch working with kids, staff and buildings. I also taught a drywall finishing seminar at the Word of Life Family Camp Ground. It was an amazing summer! In August the first pallet of Scoop-N-Scrape bucket tools headed to Canada so watch for them in your local store soon.

May 2014

New Scoop-N-Scrape bucket tool introduced a the 2014 National Hardware Show. Interest is growing to see TapeBuddy tools sold in the world market.


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Don W.
Muskogee, OK

“I added a 750 square foot addition to the house and financially I could not afford to pay someone to come in and tape and mud my drywall. I found TapeBuddy while searching how to tape and mud. I was very skeptical when I ordered it, after all there are a lot of items that claim to make things easier and we all know how those turn out. I tried the conventional route and I quickly learned there was no way I was going to get a professional look by doing it myself, especially the corners! After I received my TapeBuddy it didn’t take long to start laying the tape down. All the self applicators are expensive and for contractors. This thing is amazing and simple. I started in a big closet I built to see just how this thing worked. I was amazed how easy TapeBuddy worked and after I had a lot of the closet done, 4′ x 16′, I had my contractor buddy come and give me the pass or fail, keep in mind he has done this for a long time. He could not find anything wrong with any of the areas I had taped, now the funny part. He showed me how to lay down the second coat on what I had taped. Then one corner I had taped he went ahead and mud and taped that corner. My corners were much cleaner and easier and much smoother! I have to do 4 rooms and there is no way I could do this without TapeBuddy.

Thanks for saving me at least a couple thousand dollars TapeBUDDY!”

Rich W.
Satellite Beach, FL

“I do work through a nationwide mission group called NOMADS and most of our jobs are small so this works great for us. When doing a large ceiling you only need a small movable scaffolding where you can place the drywall bucket and the TapeBuddy. The TapeBuddy is notched on the bottom so it fits perfectly on top of the bucket. A nice feature that allows it to be elevated for easy access. It makes taping fun and easy so when it comes to taping I always volunteer to do that task. An additional tool that comes with it is the plastic trowel that is contoured to the bucket radius this keeps the bucket side walls clean and reduces compound waste. This is a well thought out tool and I highly recommend it to amateurs and professionals alike.”