Buddy Tools LLC

Don W.
Muskogee, OK

TapeBuddy“I added a 750 square foot addition to the house and financially I could not afford to pay someone to come in and tape and mud my drywall. I found TapeBuddy while searching how to tape and mud. I was very skeptical when I ordered it, after all there are a lot of items that claim to make things easier and we all know how those turn out. I tried the conventional route and I quickly learned there was no way I was going to get a professional look by doing it myself, especially the corners! After I received my TapeBuddy it didn’t take long to start laying the tape down. All the self applicators are expensive and for contractors. This thing is amazing and simple. I started in a big closet I built to see just how this thing worked. I was amazed how easy TapeBuddy worked and after I had a lot of the closet done, 4′ x 16′, I had my contractor buddy come and give me the pass or fail, keep in mind he has done this for a long time. He could not find anything wrong with any of the areas I had taped, now the funny part. He showed me how to lay down the second coat on what I had taped. Then one corner I had taped he went ahead and mud and taped that corner. My corners were much cleaner and easier and much smoother! I have to do 4 rooms and there is no way I could do this without TapeBuddy.

Thanks for saving me at least a couple thousand dollars TapeBUDDY!”

Rich W.
Satellite Beach, FL

TapeBuddy“I do work through a nationwide mission group called NOMADS and most of our jobs are small so this works great for us. When doing a large ceiling you only need a small movable scaffolding where you can place the drywall bucket and the TapeBuddy. The TapeBuddy is notched on the bottom so it fits perfectly on top of the bucket. A nice feature that allows it to be elevated for easy access. It makes taping fun and easy so when it comes to taping I always volunteer to do that task. An additional tool that comes with it is the plastic trowel that is contoured to the bucket radius this keeps the bucket side walls clean and reduces compound waste. This is a well thought out tool and I highly recommend it to amateurs and professionals alike.”

Stephen E.
Cleveland, OH

TapeBuddy“We picked up a TapeBuddy from you at the Cleveland Home & Garden Show. It looked great but we were skeptical if you just made it look easy. This thing is FANTASTIC. The best home improvement product I’ve used. I was able to do an entire room in 1/4 of the time, struggle and frustration it would normally take me! Thank you!”

Port Jervis, NY

TapeBuddy“I wanted to write and let you know that I am very happy with my TapeBuddy. I actually purchased it over a year ago and never used it until today. I am an electrician and don’t do much drywall but today I hung some boards in my garage and figured I would give the TapeBuddy a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick, easy, and clean it was to use. I ended up with almost no compound on the floor and none on myself. I am usually covered with compound after about 20 minutes of ‘conventional’ taping. I congratulate you on a great idea and a great product. Thank You.”

Kansas City, Kansas

TapeBuddy“All I can say is that the TapeBuddy is one fantastic machine. It arrived 2 days after ordering online thru the mail. It took me about 10 hours to completely tape a 1200 square foot house from start to finish and included cleanup. I would highly recommend this unit to everyone. By far easier using and lighter than a banjo. Again Thanks.”

Platte, SD

TapeBuddy“The best feature about TapeBuddy is the ease of mud application and simple cleanup. It is 100% plastic but very durable. My wife even helped me mud our bathroom and thought it was a fantastic tool.”

Amsterdam, NY

TapeBuddy“A solid tool for applying a relatively even layer of mud to joint tape. Very helpful when working alone.”

Camden, WY

TapeBuddy“Good product! Easy to use, quality construction, a real time saver.”

Las Vegas, NV

TapeBuddy“I showed this to my contractor and he wanted one. This saved me a lot of time when dry walling my addition. Thanks for a great product.”

Farmington, MO

TapeBuddy“TapeBuddy is actually pretty cool because the tape actually stays straight without bubbling up or twisting with air pockets. The best feature I think is the fact that I can run the tape and the dry wall mud at the same time!!!!!”

Colorado Springs, CO

TapeBuddy“Simple design saves time. I have never heard of any sort of machine for this kind of work. I would just mud, tape, mud. Having a tool that takes that all down to one step is quite handy!”

Seville, OH

TapeBuddy“Makes the sloppy part of mudding the tape and makes it manageable. Took a couple of tries to get the process down, but after a few mistakes, it was easy to use and gave professional results each time.”

Colorado Springs, CO

TapeBuddy“Hi, my friend Mike told me about the TapeBuddy. Working with several unskilled teenagers, we taped an entire 3800 sq ft house in a couple easy days. The guys quickly learned the tool and technique. We had one guy just pulling tape and reloading mud because it was going so fast. Other guys measured and shouted what the needed, then applied. We had quite an assembly line. Great product!”

Hampton, VA

TapeBuddy“The dispensed tape has just the right amount of mud so that the tape stays on the wall while the user is smoothing and scraping off excess mud.”

Kittery, ME

TapeBuddy“This is an overall easy tool to use. It reduces the amount of dropped compound dramatically and reduces the amount of time needed to produce smooth seams.”